wRist is an identification design, specifically made for psychiatric patients admitted to psychiatric hospitals for a shorter or longer period of time. Instead of the scanable plastic wristband, both staff and patients are equipped with a watch like design. Due to radio frequency identification technology the inhumane scanning situation is eliminated, since staff can get information about the patient directly on their own wristband.

The staff will, when they are within two meters of a patient, receive information about the patient’s medical record, medication program and social security number. Integrated is also a personal attack alarm and permission to enter staff-only rooms.

The patient’s wristband is equipped with a medicine reminder function. It also has a radio, leaving them with a valuable function that has nothing to do with illness. When the patient is entering public spaces, supermarkets etc. the wristband attracts less attention and leaves the patient less stigmatized.

The mentioned functions are just a few of the many in wRist. The aim of the design and concept has been to make identification of mental ill patients more humane, and leave them with a product that has value in their daily life, disconnecting the wristband from illness and surveillance.

wRist has been designed in collaboration with Amager Psychiatric Centre, Copenhagen.