Nesting and comforting children born premature

nestie is a comforting product nesting premature children who are facing neonatal intensive care in an incubator. The need for the product came to live during field studies on what life is like in a children’s hospital. The products available for supporting the children’s body parts while lying in the incubator is inadequate, and leaving nurses with little help to nest the children and support their sensory motor skills .

In collaboration with Hans Christian Andersen’s Childrens Hospital in Odense, Denmark nestie has been developed as a nesting environment integrating the children’s needs in one product. nestie is to be places inside the incubator and the child is placed inside nestie.

nestie has two priorities. The first is to comfort and nest the child physically, leaving the nurse as the co-designer, with a variety of individualized possibilities. The second is to shield the child from environmental stress, such as noise and light.

nestie is a three part product, consisting of:

A shell. Stabilising the product and making it possible to move the child in and out of the incubator without interrupting the child.

A mattress with two wings.
The mattress made of memory foam is depressed in the middle, embracing the child. The two wings serve as flexible pressure and proximity, to be fitted individually according to the child’s need.

A hood. Made from a sound absorbent and easy cleanable non toxic PVC-like material, the hood is protecting the child from noise and light changes in the room.