Theme logo 2012

The Solaris race is a suspenseful weekend hike where the senior scouts (age 14-18+) in the Danish Scouts Corps (Det Danske Spejderkorps) can test their personal limits and their unity as a group.

The race is a theme based hike, focusing on a relevant problem or challenge in our society. The entire hike is wrapped around the theme and the scouts will have to make important decisions with consequences on both a physical, social and personal level.

Solaris is a physical challenge and you never know what will show with the next turn of the trail. Scouts participating can look forward to walking up to 45-60 km a day in all weather conditions, – that is with all gear and the possibility of a swim in between.

The race of 2012 is focusing on the situation in Africa. The mission is to travel to Africa with humanitarian aid; but the trip will be hampered by the meeting of pirates and other dangers.

The Solaris 2012 logo is build from elements of importance to the story of the hike.