A multifunctional workstation for elementary schools

Flex has been designed in collaboration with two danish public schools (Sanderumskolen, Odense and Valby Skole, Copenhagen). The aim was to design a flexible workstation, intended for hallways and “left-over-spaces”. The majority of public schools in Denmark are one floor schools, leaving a lot of square meters for hallways, difficult to make inspiring and useful.

The public school of tomorrow is moving away from class teaching and growing into a more flexible learning environment, which requires rethinking of spaces and furniture. Flex is implementable in existing schools; offering children and teachers a variety of learning environments. Flex has room for the individual, the pair or the group of four. It offers possibilities of sitting, lying, hiding and being physical when learning.

Flex can stand alone against a wall or be paired in the open space, it is a sculptural piece of furniture inviting children to be creative in the learning process!